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Do you know your purpose? If so great, I can help you. If not, great I can help you. I am a certified personal and executive life coach from the CaPP Institute (Coaching and Positive Psychology) who is equipped to help you thrive. As your coach, I will help you...

  • Discover purpose that is connected to your passions and strengths.

  • Discover wholeness as you establish and accomplish your goals. 

  • Develop practical strategies for you to find success.

  • Help you get unstuck as you push through obstacles and fears to walk in your why!

I am uniquely equipped to serve you!    

Dr. Taft Quincey Heatley, Your Personal and Executive and Life Coach

Personal and Executive Coaching

Client Testimonials

Jenny Robinson.jpg

Jenny Robinson
Head of People and Culture, US and UK


I highly recommend Dr. Heatley for anyone who is unsure or afraid to take the next step to accomplish a personal or professional goal. The weekly coaching sessions were essential to me putting a plan into action. As I worked, we worked each week to identify the next best three actions that I could take. This approach made it less overwhelming and provided an opportunity for me to think through realistic steps to put my plan into action. I am now confident that I have thoroughly vetted my idea, have alternative paths and am confident that even if this does not end in the desired state, I have proactively taken steps toward my vision. Such a great experience that provided the confidence I needed to move forward!

Talmadge Thomas.jpg

Bishop Talmadge Thomas
City of Zion, The Mt. Zion Church
Toledo, Ohio

Dr. Heatley possesses an uncanny ability to hear beyond the words and hear the heart of the individual. Each session spent with Dr. Heatley left me better than before.  His easy handling and manner make the times we’ve spent encouraging, empowering and enlightening. Dr. Heatley has always exhibited a manner that would never insult anyone’s intelligence or lack thereof. He doesn’t express a familiarity that impedes professionalism at any time. Coach brings a cerebral approach to the time spent that doesn’t intimidate but is rather warm and inviting in such a way that allows you to open up in a simplistic way. He doesn’t however dumb down the importance of the matter, but causes you to probe, dig into the otherwise tough places and spaces. I will never forget his words” you’re alright, this is your time, its in you.” Even in my rambling moments he manages to recalibrate and focus you for your own benefit and outcome. Time spent with him flies in a fun, disarming way that makes you desire the next time with anticipation. The “homework” is not a task as much as a joy to accomplish and achieve when given seeing as you are the beneficiary. Clearly and succinctly I do recommend him as a coach. His manner, professionalism and skill sets are needed and necessary for the advancement of any and all persons he would encounter.

Pamela Holmes.jpg

Reverend Pamela Holmes 
Leader of Sacred Arts
Emmanual Baptist Church, Brooklyn, NY


Dr. Heatley he has been extremely helpful in helping me to identify my passions, calling and career non-judgmental goals. Each of our sessions addressed the development of a plan identifying my goals, the expected benefits and methods to follow through. I believe that anyone dedicating themselves to others should have the ability to reach people–to encourage them to think–not to do for them but to show them how to do for themselves. Dr. Heatley was able to do this for me. He was especially helpful at getting me to think, strategize and move beyond my comfort zone. Through our amazing discussions I have come to believe that with some hard work and organization I can achieve my heart's desire. In essence, I have in this short time learned how to tap into my own potential. Dr. Heatley’s character is complete with an immense amount of professionalism and integrity. I would describe him as being someone who has a very special capacity to work with people. His approach is respectful, non-judgmental and realistic. He has the ability to see people for who they are and to come to some conclusion of what it takes to make successful change in their lives. He is engaging, asks the right questions and is clear in his expression. However, what he has that I admire most is his commitment and determination in getting you to succeed. Since working with Dr. Heatley, I have taken steps professionally and academically to better my future. I would recommend him to anyone looking to make a change in their lives.

Melvin Capers CPEC Testimonial for Dr Q.jpg

Melvin Capers
Deputy Director of Business Operations
Valuation Services Office
U.S. Department of Interior

Dr. Heatley is an amazing executive coach who helped me reshape my mindset and motivation when I had to recover from a major professional setback at my job. The techniques he used allowed me to look at situations from a different perspective and set the blueprints for the strategies I created. Thankfully our coaching sessions were constructive and rewarding. Since having Dr. Heatley as my coach, I've have elevated light years beyond the setback I encountered at my job. I couldn't have done it without my coach. I highly recommend him as a coach because he knows what he's doing and more impressively, he coaches from his heart!

Let Me Be Your Coach! 


3 Months of Coaching

  • 3 Sessions per Month

  • Each Session 1 hour

  • $500 installments (3)  


3 Months of Coaching

  • 2 Sessions per Month

  • Each Session 1 hour

  • $425 installments (3)  


6 Months of Coaching

  • 2 Sessions per Month

  • Each Session 1 hour

  • $400 installments (6)  


VIP Plan

12 Weeks of Coaching

  • 1 Session per Week

  • Each Session 1 hour

  • $2,000 initial installment

  • $1,500 installments (2)  

Premium Plan A

Premium Plan B

Premium Plan C

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